Clap For Care


May 29, 2020. Update. As we speak the counter is at almost 200,000 claps. Thank you to all those people who have applauded the people who deserve a round of applause and the companies who posted the overlay on their website for free. For us, the milestone is a good time to close the counter. The counter is now disabled. We recommend removing the overlay from the website.
If you still want to use the overlay, you can. The code is available for those interested. For this you can contact us via

Xuntos and Elastik.Concepts have created an overlay that you can reuse for your own site to give our heroes the support they deserve twice in these troubled times. From the people in nursing / care to the people in the supermarkets, from the people in the transport sector to the people who take care of our safety.

A wide range of digital applause. The more companies use the overlay, the greater the applause.

The implementation is simple. Place the following piece of code at the very bottom of the HTML just before the </body> tag:

<script src=""></script>

With a number of parameters you can adjust the overlay. For example if you want the texts in English or if you want to overlay in another place. Then place the following code at the very bottom of the HTML just before the </body> tag:

var cfcSettings = {
cfcCountText: 'heart-warming applause.',
cfcText: 'Give a round of applause to all the heroes who have worked for us during the corona crisis.',
align: 'middle',
timeoutInDays: 1

Setting Explanation
cfcCountText Text directly below the counter
cfcText General text
align middle = shows the window in the middle (default)
left = shows the window at the bottom left
right = shows the window at the bottom right
timeoutInDays Number of days the window is not shown. By default, the window is not displayed for a day after clicking away.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to